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Performance Reviews

"WILD CARROT made art that lifted us out of our seats. How could music so beautifully transcendent be so wonderfully fun at the same time? Without a doubt, it was the best sound in this theatre since our re-opening."
- TIna Salmone, Executive Director, Burlington Capitol Theater

“By the end of the evening, your audience will have experienced an excellent performance artistically and will have come to know Pam, Spencer and their group in the process. Both are very enjoyable experiences.”
- Mike Morris, Former Executive Director / The Midland Theatre


"Wild Carrot and the Roots Band gave a fabulous performance, charming the audience with their choice of music and beautiful harmonies. It was a ‘feel good evening’ all the way around. The band was so easy to work with, and they adapt to the venue easily – big or small, indoor or outdoor…. Definitely an act we will be bringing back to Lakeside."
- Shirley Stary, Vice President, Programming, Lakeside Association

“Tasteful, creative playing, lovely melodies, and beautiful singing voices are the hallmarks of this group.  As good a straight-ahead folk group as you’ll hear.”
– International Folk Alliance

 "My ears were so pleased when I heard Wild Carrot's version of "What Have You Done To Life Somebody Up." They are a tight band with a great sound and a lot of soul. Thank you for recording my song."
- Paul Thorn 

“…they perform together in that seamless fashion that only dedicated musicians achieve after lots of practice and a shared goal…”
- Peter Read, Nightflying.com

"…a whirlwind of Roots music forms, touching on Bluegrass, Country, swinging Jazz, Contemporary Folk and Celtic music ... with a consistently masterful grace (and) flawless harmonies.”
– Mike Breen, City Beat

“Wild Carrot is a beautiful group - with skilled and inspired musicianship, heartfelt sharing, warm connection, and impressive talent!”
- Kathleen and Greg, audience members


“Take Pamela Temple’s incredible voice and Spencer Funk’s hot guitar and mandolin licks, add a wide, diverse range of songs, and you’ve got one of the top folk groups around today!”
– Nancy Johnson-Barker, promoter, KY Music Weekend

 “There is a seamless wholeness to Wild Carrot that goes beyond the ordinary summing of parts and into the realm of special magic. See them before a big yellow taxi comes and takes them away.”
- John Krehbiel, Folk Notes

“This guy-and-gal duo from Cincinnati tread the well-worn byways of acoustic folk but with an omnipresent eye toward strong songwriting and rich harmonic balance. Stitched out of gentle acoustic guitar play and a nicely checked vocal fabric, the two never stray far from traditional folk music, but their songs are impressive.”
- Todd Bowman, Creative Loafing 

…”one of the joys of the recent Kentucky Music Weekend, by turns poignant and fiery, mixing songs of social jusctice with root-toot-tootin’ train songs. Check them out!”
- Marty Rosen, Leo Weekly

“…a smart traditional-folk ensemble featuring Ms. Temple’s crystal-clean singing, bringing to mind a Judy Collins with some soul, and Funk’s classy guitar-picking ranges from blues to jazz to classic folk styles.”
- Rick Bird, The Cincinnati Post

School Reviews

Teachers and students alike enjoyed Wild Carrot's workshops with our 3rd graders. Teachers appreciated the fact that Wild Carrot gave them a recording of each class. Wild Carrot did a great job of engaging the students and making the curriculum and arts experience meld into a meaningful whole. They were great!  

“Wild Carrot's performance taught History and Social Studies through vocal and instrumental music and was enjoyed by all ages, grades Pre-K through 8!"
- Kathy Lammkin, Incarnation, Centerville, OH

“The students were constantly engaged, each one feeling part of the team…”
- Teachers from Ashley Hall, Charleston, SC

"Fantastic! All of the children and staff enjoyed and LEARNED from the band."
- Ms. Cheryl Spahr, Dayton HS

"After Wild Carrot wrote songs in my classroom, even my non-readers were excited to pick up a book about our song topic, Artists of Europe."
- Stacey Frey, East Elem., Fairborn, OH 

"...I continue to try and find arts programs that excite the children and yet have a meaningful purpose to their education. Wild Carrot definitely stands out as meeting these criteria!"
- Judy Drake, St. Albert the Great, Kettering, OH 



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