Between the Darkness & the Light

Wild Carrot

“…an immaculately-performed piece of art filled with life, love and above all, musicality...the writing creates vivid scenes and characters...I left the record feeling like I have a few new friends.” - Elaine Diehl, Cincinnati Public Radio

NOTES Pam Temple and Spencer Funk are Wild Carrot This Cincinnati-based, award-winning group has what it takes to please all types of Americana and Roots music fans. With a foot in traditional American music, their repertoire branches in diverse directions: from award-winning original tunes to swing, blues and traditional songs, using guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, concertina, and vocals.

This album features Temple's award-winning original songwriting including the award winning "The Robin's Song", written for a Mother's Day songwriting contest, Pancake Breakfast, inspired by a piece on NPR's "This I Believe," a story of spirit-catching in "Blue Bottle Tree" and the hopeful processing of personal tragedy in "Now I Fly."

Wild Carrot’s entertaining and moving performances have often been described as “honest, soothing, uplifting and fun all at the same time”, moving an audience from laughter to tears and back again in a way that makes the listener feel like they’re in a conversation with old friends. All of this adds up to a performance that’s been described as “seamless”, “life-sized complex, subtle and powerful” and “a joy”.

What’s in a Name? Wild Carrot is another name for Queen Anne’s Lace. The music of Wild Carrot has been described as being strong and complex but delicate and simple, untainted by commercialism, and rooted the solid earth of tradition, like, well, wild carrot.

Awards and Honors • Two-time Cultural Ambassadors to Chile, South America with the U.S. State Department. • Finalists for the prestigious Kerrville New Folk songwriting contest. • Winners of the Walnut Valley New Songs Showcase for Folk. • Named Best Folk Act and nominated for Artist of the Year by the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. • Wild Carrot has received training from The Kennedy Center for the Arts, specializing in integrating the arts into school curriculum through specialized performances and songwriting workshops.

Praise for Wild Carrot: “You can’t just have a taste of Wild Carrot. Slowly savor their contemporary folk rooted in tradition and know you’ll be coming back again and again.” – Jamie Anderson, Sing Out!

"WILD CARROT made art that lifted us out of our seats. How could music so beautifully transcendent be so wonderfully fun at the same time?" – Tina Salamone, Executive Director, Burlington Capitol Theater

“Wild Carrot gave a fabulous performance, charming the audience with their choice of music and beautiful harmonies. It was a ‘feel good evening’ all the way around.” – Shirley Stary, V. P. of Programming, Lakeside Assn.

"…a whirlwind of Roots music forms, touching on Bluegrass, Country, swinging Jazz, Contemporary Folk and Celtic music ...with a consistently masterful grace (and) flawless harmonies.” – Mike Breen, City Beat

“…they perform together in that seamless fashion that only dedicated musicians achieve after lots of practice and a shared goal…” – Peter Read,

“There is a seamless wholeness to wild carrot that goes beyond the ordinary summing of parts and into the realm of special magic.” – John Krehbiel, Folk Notes

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