WILD CARROT made art that lifted us out of our seats. How could music so beautifully transcendent be so wonderfully fun at the same time? Without a doubt, it was the best sound in this theatre since our re-opening.
- TINA SALAMONE, Executive Director, Burlington Capitol Theater

About Wild Carrot

How would you like your carrots? Duo? Trio? Roots Band? Any way you take it, Wild Carrot’s entertaining and moving performances have often been described as “honest, soothing, uplifting and fun all at the same time”, moving an audience from laughter to tears and back again in a way that makes the listener feel like they’re in a conversation with old friends. All of this adds up to a performance that’s been described as “seamless”, “life-sized complex, subtle and powerful” and “a joy”.

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Pam and Spencer

Pam Temple and Spencer Funk of Wild Carrot met through music, married and began performing full-time together in 2000. They were quickly voted “Best Folk Act” in their hometown of Cincinnati and have since crisscrossed the country pleasing audiences with their eclectic mix of award-winning original songs, traditional tunes, swing, blues and more, being chosen twice as the only U.S. Folk Act to serve as Cultural Ambassador to Chile, South America with the U.S. State Department. When they’re not performing, Spencer is also a respected guitar teacher and Pam, on-air music host of the American Roots program, The Front Porch, at local NPR affiliate 89.7FM WNKU.

Wild Carrot is also available as a trio (Wild Carrot Trio) or quartet (Wild Carrot with Their Roots Band) to fit your venue's needs and budget.

The latest CD from Wild Carrot (with Their Roots Band) was recorded live with an audience and is called Crowd Around the Mic, on their own Chocolate Dog Music label, released through Blue Jordan Records. It was truly grown from the ground, funded almost entirely by the audiences and donations from fans.

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What’s in a Name?

So, where did we get the name "Wild Carrot'? A wild carrot is the same as Queen Anne's Lace. Our music has been described as being rooted in the solid earth of tradition and untainted by commercialism; strong while displaying a delicate intricacy, like Queen Anne's Lace.


By the end of the evening, your audience will have experienced an excellent performance artistically and will have come to know Pam, Spencer and their group in the process. Both are very enjoyable experiences.
- Mike Morris, Former Executive Director / The Midland Theatre



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